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Townsville Air Conditioning Specialist

When you deal with Polar Industries, we take care of everything. From the initial design advice and consultation to installation and after-sales service, we do it all at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality and professionalism.


As summer rolls in, have you noticed your Air Conditioner struggling with the extra run time? 
Polar Industries can supply, install and service Air conditioners to ensure your space is kept cool.

Air Conditioning Townsville Specialists | Polar Industries Townsville

Townsville Air Conditioning Specialists

From Installation to servicing, Polar Industries is your one stop Air Conditioning Townsville Shop. Our team of qualified and professional service agents are ready to help cool your house, office or commercial building

Air Conditioning Townsville Specialists | Polar Industries Townsville

Electrical & Air Conditioning

We service everything we supply, from electrical and lighting equipment to air conditioners. Our friendly team of Electricians and Electrical Contractors ensure your job is completed to the highest satisfaction with out sacrificing quality. 

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Townsville Air Conditioning Specialists

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